“Only the drum is confident, it thinks the world has not changed.” ~Robinson Jeffers


Drumming has been celebrated and used to promote mental, physical and spiritual health & well-being for thousands of years. Today’s scientific studies are continually proving that community drumming can:

Ø Reduce stress

Ø Boost our immune systems

Ø Lower blood pressure

Ø Help to control chronic pain

Ø Increase our energy levels

Ø Promote play

Ø Release anger

Ø Create a sense of euphoria

Ø Cross generational and cultural boundaries, and

Ø Create a greater sense of community


Drumming is currently being used in hospitals, assisted living facilities, at-risk youth centers, Alzheimer’s facilities, cancer centers, Fortune 500 companies, K – 12 classrooms and in many more places and ways.


Join us at our community drumming circle as we drum our way to improved health, happiness and peace!! Bring your drums (no matter what style), and rattles! We will also have extra drums on hand to loan.

Don’t have a drum or rattle? No worries! Bring your blankets or yoga mats to take advantage of the entrancing rhythm of the drums to dance, meditate or journey on your own!

I see drumming as a way of communicating with both my fellow man and

Spirit that is far more beautiful than words.“ ~StormsCrowCoyote