The Studio

Located in a century-old home in Southern Pines' beautiful historic downtown, our massage studio is a cozy and comfortable place of healing. We all have busy lives, but we must first take care of ourselves before we can care for the world. We assist you in seeking the roots of tensions in the body in order to alleviate pain.


The world we live in is full of synthetic chemicals and preservatives. Even our air and water are no longer pure. So we attempt to bring balance back. We understand that many people have developed sensitivities to foods, smells, sounds... and we hope to provide services and products that will treat these individuals gently.

Our Philosophy

The Raven has long been a symbol of healing for early civilizations. It is considered one of the oldest and wisest of animals. For Native Americans, the Raven symbolized the void - the mystery of that which is not yet formed. This is the philosophy behind Raven's Wing Healing Center. Healing cannot begin without defining the void. We are here to assist in that process.