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Welcome to Raven's Wing Acre!
What you can see at Raven's Wing:
Fruit trees and shrubs, pecans
Cut flower beds
Herbs/companion planting
Three-season Carolina room
Laying hens
Guinea fowl
Worm bin/worm tea operation
Comfrey/elderberry/rhubarb bed
Compost heap/compost hole
Beginning food forest
Bat and wren houses
Cover cropping for bio-mass
Pond/frog, toad, fish nursery
Rain barrel catchments
Chemical-free honey bees/top bar hive
Drip-line irrigation
East-side raised bed for greens

Raven's Wing received biodynamic treatments in late February 2011.
No petrochemicals are used.
Maureen's Worm Tea is regularly available at Sandhills Feed Supply (and sometimes they have our eggs too!)
Many thanks to members of Maureen's 'cashless food network': Lyuba Shearin, Tatiana Suvorova, Miles George and Jackie, Vince Zucchino, Bill Manley, Neil and Alex Webster, Ann Langford, Jan Leitschuh, and of course Gray, Carley, and Jessica!



To see the farm, contact Maureen at: