Whose Face Is It Anyway?

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A creative exploration into the real you

See yourself as you truly are! Reconnect with the magnificent person you have always been. Explore the wonder of your creation, revel in your divinity & sense the beauty of your inner being, all while creating a symbolic likeness of your Soul imprint. Heal, grow, learn, relax & unleash the creative side of you as you capture your essence in a Paris Craft mask.

You are about to emerge from your cocoon. Are you ready?


July 9-10, 2011

9-6pm both days


To Enroll Contact Grandmother MoonDust:




Space is limited so sign up early!

This workshop is designed as an interactive, creative exploration of who you are and how you see yourself. In the Saturday portion participants will explore the various labels that may be associated with the way they view themselves, and will experience techniques to release any limiting beliefs they may have. In the Sunday session Paris Craft strips will be applied to each person's face to form a mask. While the masks harden, Grandmother will utilize the sacred sounds of the Quartz Crystal Bowls as she leads the group in a guided visualization to experience the coalescing of lifetimes of labels into one image, the image of his or her profound Essence. The remainder of the two day workshop will be in decorating and individualizing personal masks to reflect the image seen during the meditation. A final group sharing session will conclude the workshop. Participants do not need to have any art experience to participate in this workshop.