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Tuning Fork Certification Level 1 w/ Georgeann Hudson
Experience the frequencies and power of Sound Therapy and learn to use Tuning Forks, Voice Toning, Color Therapy and Hands on Energy Healing.
Sound Therapy is based on the scientific principles that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency; this includes every organ, tissue, bone and other parts of the body. When that frequency alters, the body is out of harmony. Sound Healing gently invites stuck energy to move or vibrate the body back to harmony. Sound Therapy affects the Mental, Physical and Spiritual levels of the body.
Saturday, October 22, 2011
Fee is $295 (due day of class)
Tuning Fork Set is $125 (due by 10/1)

Georgeann Hudson is a certified Sound Energy practitioner/ teacher living in Charlotte, NC.  With 35 years experience in the healing arts with a spiritual awarenes. Georgeann became interested in the whole person.The body, the mind and Spirit. She has studied nutrition, herbs, aromatherapy, sound and vibrational healing. Becoming fascinated with sound therapy, Georgeann became certified in several sound therapy technique’s using an array of tuning forks and a sound table. After several years of research and working on clients, she began to develop her own intuitive technique, incorporating voice toning and color therapy.

She now brings this teaching through certification workshops, lectures, sound therapy sessions, and counseling on spiritual awareness. Georgeann brings her natural ability to intuit a client’s spiritual, mental or physical needs. Encouraging others and empowering them to take control and become responsible for there own health, well being and happiness.