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What is Reiki?
Reiki is a hands-on healing method that was founded by Mikao Usui of Japan and brought to this country in the 1930s. It is a popular and effective form of energy medicine or alternative healing that is used by people all over the world. The word Reiki has been translated as "spiritual energy" or "universal life force energy" which is available to everyone. Reiki is a very effective means of stress reduction, energy alignment, alternative healing, and personal and spiritual growth.
Who Benefits from Reiki?
Everyone! Reiki is often used in numerous hospitals, clinical settings, and hospice programs. Many hospitals and care facilities now have their own Reiki components included in their training. Reiki is used by various caregivers and professionals as well as by individuals for their own personal healings. Reiki Practitioners work on clients usually through appointments and often in a professional office or setting.
What is Involved in a Reiki Treatment?
A professionally trained and attuned Reiki Practitioner serves as a conduit, or channel, for this Universal Life Force allowing it to go where it is needed in order to bring balance and healing to the client. Clients are fully clothed and can be sitting or lying on a table. The Reiki Practitioner gently lays his or her hands on strategic locations on the body, or just above the body in the client's auric field. The Reiki energy is then passed through the Practitioner to the client. Usually the Practitioner will play some soft music during the treatment. A fully body treatment lasts 60-90 minutes.
Is Reiki for You?
We are much more likely to be healthy when in balance, and to invite discomfort when we are not. Reiki can help with that balance. If you want to de-stress, relax, pamper yourself, work on a physical, emotional or spiritual issue, and/or balance your energy and health, then Reiki is for you.
What if I Want to be a Reiki Healer?
You're in luck! Reiki Master Teacher Grandmother MoonDust holds classes regularly. Sign up now by emailing or calling the number below to reserve your spot in the classes!
Reiki Practitioner Level 1 - June 25-26 - $95
Reiki Practitioner Level 2 - July 23-24 - $195
Reiki Master Teacher Level 3 - August 20-21 - $395