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Beginner Psychic Development

Have you ever wondered why you get feelings about certain thing and people, only to find out later that these feelings have come true? Have you ever wondered if you are psychic? Do you find that your family and friends turn to you for guidance because you give great advice, yet you are simply following what is natural to you? If you do, then you have a psychic awareness.

This beginner workshop will provide you with simple tools to help develop your intuitive abilities. You will learn the difference of intuition, psychic ability and mediumship; identify whether you have clairvoyant, clairaudient, or clairsentient strengths; learn why it's important to clear the clutter in your life and in your body, to become a clear channel for spirit, and why meditation is key in your development. We will practice fun exercises and conclude with a guided meditation to connect with your spirit guides.

Saturday, August 13th 11-4:30pm

$50 fee

Please bring your questions, a journal, a bag lunch and water. And most of all - good intentions with an open heart and mind!

*Pre-payment and registration is required by August 6th.


Intermediate Psychic Development

This workshop is designed to develop your psychic abilities further and to use those abilities on a practical level. We will cover the following topics and practice hands-on exercises and close with a guided meditation to raise your awareness. Paige will also give an example of a reading.

  • The History of Mediumship
  • Strengthening Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Clairvoyance Abilities
  • Psychometry (please bring a photo or object of a loved one)
  • How to Recognize and Identify Spirit Energy
  • Inspirational and Automatic Writing
  • How to Give an Oracle Card Reading for Yourself and Others
  • How and When to Use a Pendulum

Saturday, October 1st from 11-4pm

$50 fee

Please bring a lunch, notebook/journal, pen, an object/photo of a loved one, and as always - an open mind and positive spirit!

*This workshop is offered for those who attended the Beginner Psychic Development Workshop. If you have not attended that workshop, please contact Paige for an interview by September 14th.

*Pre-payment and registration is required by September 27th.

Paige Hall-Ferraro is a certified psychic medium and clairvoyant. She is a lifelong member of the Spiritualist Church of Onset, MA and the daughter of renowned medium and pastor, Terrie Reichwein. She has a BA in Psychology and an MA in Communications. She has studied with Lisa Williams, Doreen Virtue, Rosemary Altea, Gregg Braden, Cheryl Richardson, and Sonia Coquette, to name a few! She offers in-person, phone and email readings and is also a professional, certified Life and Wellness Coach and Holistic Health and Nutrition Specialist in Fayetteville, NC. She utilizes her abilities to assist clients on their journey to wholeness of mind/body/spirit. She also offers crystal and reiki healings, individual psychic development mentoring, and spiritual house cleansings.
To contact Paige, call 508-360-3140 or email