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December 25th - Our first Orphan's Christmas was a nice intimate affair with close friends, Miles and Jackie. Plus, a fantastic pecan/acorn pie! You can't ask for more than that.



December 22nd - We fostered a goat for the first 3 days of her life. Rosemary was very sweet and made a big impact on us. However, we realized we could not keep her. She is now living with the Stovalls and is the biggest thing on Facebook.
December 21st - Winter Solstice with Wendy and Jesse was fun, although cold. Excellent food, a beautiful warm bonfire, and wonderful drumming.



December 19th - Raven’s Wing Open House went very well. We had a nice turnout and enjoyed some good company. Thank you to all who came to see us!
November 26th - Our first Orphan’s Thanksgiving was a lot of fun! We got to spend some quality time with wonderful friends. Thank you to everyone who came out.


November 13th - Got to enjoy some very special wine, excellent homemade ravioli, and a fantastic classical guitar concert from Gray on his birthday.
October 28th - After two days of digging, we now have an enormous hole in the side yard! Miles and his beach boys have been helping Gray dig out the stump of the pin oak we took out to make a pond at the farm. The five of them made quite an impact in a short time!



October 6th - We now have three baby guineas left, and two adults. We lost the mother to a hit and run recently. Now that everyone can roost in the trees at night, they are much safer. Thank goodness!
September 27th - Amazing mushroom workshop! We did three different inoculations and even got to see a TED talk by Paul Stamets.



August 28th - New babies were just born! We have three very proud parents leading the 14 of them around.