Y2K Celebration

for Tom

Itís a warm January night and
The millennium is upon us.
The Y2K disaster has been averted,
the celebrations worldwide
went off without even a hint
of rainfall to ruin festivities,
and fanatics are surprised
that the end did not come.

Nothing has changed.
Orion is still strongly
pulling back his arrow in the sky,
the midnight train still
plugs right on by,
my cat is still blindly adoring.

I sit on my deck,
writing by candlelight
and remembering older times;
when people cherished each other
and the sound of a train
fading into the distance was magical.

Staring into the flame,
my cat nuzzling at my cheek,
the wind begins to chill
and damp from the bench
begins to seep through
my nightgown.

My only wish for the new year
is to have you here to
share this moment with me.

Rae Douglass

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